SV Amneris

How do you go about buying a boat? More particularly, how do you go about buying a boat when you’d have struggled to tell one end from another just six months ago? The answer is research; hours and hours of reading, exchanging emails and phone calls, comparing the spec of different models, genning up on the characteristics of vessels from dozens of designers and boatbuilders. If you’re lucky, this will all lead you to a fine lady like Amneris – our small but perfectly formed first boat.


Amneris, named by her original owners, is a Hustler 25.5 cruiser racer with a bit of a history in her home county of Cornwall. She’s recognised by the locals around the marina because she’s been there for a while and had her fair share of glory in races thereabout.

Theoretically a five-berth model, we’d suggest that (like most boats we’ve seen), the actual number of sleeping spaces is rather over-optimistic in terms of the number of people who could comfortably be aboard at any one time. For us, that’s fine; the previous owners were a racing duo, and, while we’re more sedate cruising types, we will mostly just be two plus the occasional guests.

For her maiden voyage under our ownership, we actually did have two guests on board – friends Jonathan and Josh, without whom we would have found the whole process of buying Amneris and learning her ropes a hugely difficult task. It wasn’t a long trip – just a few miles up the river from Falmouth Harbour to Malpas (note to our Polish readers – it’s nothing to do with monkeys, more likely derived from the French “mal pas” 😉 ). Yet it was very informative, during which we learned just how solid and reliable this 40-something lady really is. She had no problems passing six knots in under 20 knots of wind (even in the hands of relative amateurs), and was quite happy to continue on her merry course without an autopilot and with no hands on the tiller at all. In short, we’re delighted to say that we have found in Amneris a fine, compact and manageable vessel designed by Holman and Pye and built by Landamores – a boat who seems to know her place in the water and has no intention of deviating from it, and who can show a pretty turn of speed when called upon to do so.

anthony aleksandra amneris

We’re looking forward to many, many happy years of sailing with Amneris and truly getting to know her as the grand old lady that she undoubtedly is. We’ll keep you up to date as our relationship develops 🙂