We’d been keeping half an eye on second-hand boat listings in mainland Europe and the UK ever since taking our RYA Day Skipper courses in Gibraltar in April. We weren’t seriously expecting to find anything a) affordable b) right for us and c) in good enough condition to be worth considering very soon. So, when we saw Amneris on the Boatshed Falmouth site, we had a feeling that perhaps she had been listed just for us.


We did a lot of work contacting the owners via the Boatshed agent Chris, examining the survey report, and reading up on Hustler 25.5s in general and Amneris is particular. She kept ticking all the boxes, so we made a conditional offer and headed from Kraków to Falmouth to inspect her.

Amneris was built in 1980 by Landamores, to a Holman and Pye design. A regular sloop, she came with some fairly new essentials, such as standing rigging, radio, chart plotter furling system, windward sheeting system and prop. The small Volvo engine (7.5hp) will encourage us to sail rather than motor, which we think is great for beginners who are keen to learn.

Amneris isn’t the biggest boat in the world, with a length of just about eight metres (which is good in terms of marina fees), but she has a goodly beam (around 2.5 metres). She weighs in at 2386 kg, and has a draught of just 1.47 metres – so we shouldn’t run aground too often.

As the survey indicated, Amneris’ current owners Dave and Mike (and her first owner Peter) had kept her in tip-top condition, and most of the original features were still in place. She also came with a full complement of sails and spares, spare parts for the engine, a well-stocked tool kit, and much more.

anthony aleksandra amneris

There were, of course, some things we decided to change, and some that needed updating (life jackets, for example), but that’s only to be expected and there can’t be many boat owners who consider their vessel “finished”.

It was love at first sight, and with such a positive survey report combined with the excellent price, it didn’t take us long to decide that, yes, Amneris would become our first boat. Readers, we bought her. Now all we have to do is learn to sail her…