Taking Amneris out for the first time: Falmouth, UK
Sail training with Trafalgar aboard Jambo: Gibraltar
Who says you can’t sail in the UK in November? Falmouth, UK
Ice cream spoon as fishing lure from Saaristo? Nope, doesn’t work. En route from Mallorca to Sardinia
Just chilling on board Amneris. SW coast, UK
Somewhere between Portland and the Isle of Wight: South coast, UK
Daydreaming at the helm during a passage from Newlyn to Falmouth
Cloud Nine underway
We just beat the storm into Isola Rosa, Sardinia
Celebrating on board Saaristo in Porto Torres, Sardinia
Cold, wet, and extremely happy
Next stop, Cherbourg
When the boat’s dead and the weather’s very much alive, thank your lucky stars for the RNLI
Sailing past the Needles: South coast UK
Sail training with Junga: Gdynia, Poland
Aleskandra has spotted the dolphins
Ready for departure: Falmouth, UK
Anthony with skipper Rob, after sailing Rob’s boat Cloud Nine across Biscay to Spain
A stopover in Castelsardo, Sardinia
Getting some practice in on the River Wisła, near Gdańsk, Poland
This is what happens when you give Aleksandra too much coffee and a boat
Sooner or later, something is going to need fixing: Torquay, UK
Easy on the helm
Happy feet
Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, UK