“Gummy squirrels”, deep-water eels, and the fossilised remains of whales from 16 million years ago… these are just some of the discoveries being made up to 5,500 metres below the surface of the Pacific Ocean by scientists seeking to limit environmental damage from seabed mining.

Deep CCZ

Tech industries need cobalt, manganese and other elements for the production of everything from smartphones to electric cars. They propose to obtain these from, among other places, deep in international waters – including an area of the Pacific in the Clarion-Clipperton Zone stretching between Hawaii and Mexico.

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Thought plastic bottles or shopping bags were the biggest source of trash pollution in our seas and oceans and on our beaches? Discarded cigarette butts outnumber both of these combined.

cigarette on beach

If you enjoy a quiet smoke on board, that’s your business. Though you probably already exercise good practice such as puffing away downwind and refraining from lighting up below deck, the smoking police don’t yet have the power to nail a “no smoking” sign to your mast.

When it comes to discarding those cigarette butts, though, tossing them over the side is not an option that should even be considered.

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