We are Anthony and Aleksandra, an English/Polish couple who came to the idea of boating rather later in life than many people – and dived in headfirst!

anthony aleksandra sailho

We completed our first training on powerboats in Gdynia, Poland, then progressed to gain our sailing competent crew and day skipper qualifications with the RYA in Gibraltar.

We started to earn our sea miles almost immediately, chartering in the Bay of Gdańsk in the Baltic Sea, and taking part in a short-handed passage from Mallorca to Sardinia. How proud we were to have gained our day skipper certificates – and how quickly we learned that we knew almost nothing!

After that it was back to Gdynia to consolidate our practical skills and earn the Polish Sternik Morski certification.

Of course, once you’ve learned to sail you need a boat of some kind – which led us to Amneris, our 25.5-foot Hustler currently lying in the south of England. Since then, we’ve been adventuring on the south coast of England, and across the channel.

We’ve already decided that the time has come to throw off the shackles of dry land and become liveaboards, but that will mean finding the right boat for us. In the meantime, we’re enjoying Amneris and sharing our adventures via this blog and YouTube (with each episode in English and Polish).

We’d love you to stay with us for the journey. And, if you’d like lend a hand to keep Sail Ho! afloat and help us reach that liveaboard dream, don’t forget to check out how you can support us.

Fair winds/stopy wody pod kilem,

Anthony & Aleksandra