After waiting more than a week for a stubborn flow of easterly wind to resume it’s more regular south-westerly course, and with no change forthcoming, there was nothing to do but cast off the lines in Falmouth and prepare for a long beat up the English Channel to get Amneris to her new home in Gosport, near Portsmouth. It wasn’t plain sailing, but we got there in the end.

Anthony with our friend Josh on board Amneris, sailing non-stop from Falmouth to Gosport

June 1 2021

1050 Departed marina, prepared to beat up-Channel today, decent wind coming tomorrow.

1220 Past St Anthony’s Head. 50 07.3N, 005W.

Course 135, Bar 1021, Wind E, Wind speed 3-4, SoG 3.5

1500 49 59.9N, 004 50.9W.

Course 130, Bar 1021, Wind E/SE, Wind speed 4, SoG 5

1730 49 52.7N, 004.41.3W.

Course 080, Bar 1021, Wind E/NE, Wind speed 4, SoG 4.5

1940 49 59.17N, 004 37.3W.

Course 040, Bar 1021, Wind E, Wind speed 5, SoG 5

2313 50 02.5N, 004 26.6W.

Course 125, Bar 1021, Wind E, Wind speed 4-5, SoG 5

When the wind’s good, it’s very, very good. Unfortunately there wasn’t so much of that

June 2 2021

0445 Overnight avoiding nets, beating to windward, wind a bit flukey. 49 44.8N, 004 06.4W.

Course 130, Bar 1019, Wind E, Wind speed 3-4, SoG 4

0520 New course 015. Wind not playing properly.

0940 Overcast morning. Wind variable and light except under rain clouds. 50 06.6N, 003 59.3W.

Course variable, Bar 1019, Wind variable, Wind speed 2, SoG 3

1100 New course 135ish. Obviously the wind didn’t read the weather forecast.

Course variable, Bar 1019, Wind variable, Wind speed 1, SoG variable

1200 Problem with stove. Left-hand burner won’t close. Probably been beaten about a bit as not gimballed. Fixed eventually, will keep an eye on it and take closer look in port.

1500 Engine on so we can make some way in very light wind. Course required 066, but simply can’t get on it in these conditions. Needles still 90Nm away, and moving soooo slowly. 50 03.1N, 003 44.8W.

1800 Engine off. Visibility poor. Wind appearing to fill in a little, but still light. Variable, but mostly southish. For some reason, many flies of different kinds in cockpit. How do they get this far out? 50 06.5N, 003 29.5W.

Course 060, Bar 1019, Wind variable, favouring southish, Wind speed 1-2, SoG 2

1900 caught tiny jellyfish in bucket for washing up water.

Watch in PolishWatch in English
Watch the video about this passage on our YouTube channel, in English or Polish

June 3 2021

0730 Portland ahead at first light. Quiet night. Josh helmed as I was knackered from shennanigans with last night’s fishing nets. He put us on a run under main and we’re making some way. 50 18.49N, 002 36W.

0900 Wind predicted 3-4, actually 1 so engine on again.

Course 060, Bar 1020, Wind SW, Wind speed 1-2, SoG 1

1200 Engine off. Wind picking up a little more. 50 23.4N, 002 21.3W.

Course 080, Bar 1021, Wind SW, Wind speed 2, SoG 2

2315 Three miles off Needles, ETA turn of tide 0040.

June 4 2021

0040 Entering Needles channel under power.

0150 Did it! Though very nervous. Heading into Solent.

0520 Past Cowes, heading to Portsmouth.

0540 Engine dead! F*****g fuel tank empty! Impossible! Sailing in. Correction, Josh is sailing in, I am navigating in and doing some internal sweary panicking.

0720 Breeze, dead calm, breeze, dead calm. Crossing Spit Sand, tide still rising so no worries about depth – can ignore transit and go where the wind will let us.

0800 Can practically see the marina but can’t get round this last corner. Zero wind.

0810 Pan pan, pan pan, pan pan… no wind, no engine, bloody great ferries everywhere. We’ll drift into trouble one way or another, probably get squashed by the Wight Link.

0850 Tied up in Haslar, thanks to SV Kingfisher that towed us the last three cables or so. Ironically, we were supposed to dock next to them anyway. Tied up in front of Hugo Boss, Amneris looks tiny. Lost a fender and a bucket en route, and stove and fuel system need attention, but overall not bad. Extremely pleased with Amneris’ performance on a longer passage.

Home and dry in Gosport. Image by Josh Taylor

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