Do you give much thought to what’s below your boat (apart from rocks) when you drop anchor? Do you know where to find your nearest pump-out location? How can you minimise risk to the environment when removing/applying anti-fouling, or simply cleaning your boat? The Green Blue is an excellent place to start if you want to make your sailing more eco-friendly.

Click on the image to visit site

The Green Blue began as a partnership between the RYA and British Marine. It is now a one-stop hub for resources and advice, for anyone who uses or cares about the marine environment.

It offers free information on a wide range of topics, from anchoring to anti-fouling and waste disposal to protecting wildlife and habitats. There’s even a website with links to organisations offering green boating products, and information for the sailors and clubs determined to go green and promote sustainable boating.

Explore the site before you next get out on the water, and start making a difference one tack at a time.

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