To mark St Piran’s Day (March 5), we’ve collected a series of our short films exploring the beauty of Cornwall’s coastline. We invite you to enjoy these stunning landscapes and picturesque seaside towns with us…

As with many saints, there’s little in the way of concrete evidence to tell us much about the life of St Piran. It is likely that he was a man of Irish descent, who lived in the fifth century AD, and it is thought that he died around the year 480 in Perranzabuloe, where a cross dedicated to the saint still stands.

St Piran is considered the patron saint of Cornwall (though this is a role that some say he must share with saints Michael and Petroc. Among the few legends about his life, we find the story that he was tied to a large stone in his native Ireland, and thrown off a cliff into a tempestuous sea. The waters calmed, and he floated all the way to Cornwall – where he made landfall and promptly gathered about him three disciples… a badger, a bear and a fox.

Each year, on March 5, St Piran’s day is celebrated in Cornish towns and villages as a source of national pride. For us, emmets though we may be, Cornwall is a home from home – the place our souls first touch upon when seeking the sea. View our collection of short films about this magical part of the world, and we’re sure you’ll understand why…

Just click on the pictures below, and you will be transported (via our YouTube channel) to the home of St Piran. We’re only sorry we can’t present you with a pasty and a pint of Doom Bar too.

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