Yes, that’s Sail Ho! co-skipper Aleksandra, and it’s clear from her expression that she’s just seen a new “like”, “follow”, “share”, donation or subscriber. If you like Sail Ho! and would like to support us, please continue reading to find out how.

If YOU want to become the next person to put a big wet smile on Aleksandra’s face, you might consider supporting Sail Ho! with a donation that will help us continue making videos, stay afloat, and maybe even achieve the liveaboard dream.

You could become a Sail Ho! patron, making a donation of your choice each month. We’ll be starting to stock the vaults on our Patreon page from February 2021, but as we gain momentum our patrons will find more exclusive material and merchandise there. Follow the link below for more.

We also have our Ko-fi page, which works in a similar way to Patreon but allows our supporters to make a one-off donation quickly and easily, with just a few clicks of the mouse. Follow the link below for more.

And, if you feel like making a donation in a more “traditional” way, you can do so via PayPal. Just follow the link that should be visible on each page.

Finally, we’d like to add that not all support need be financial. Liking, following and subscribing to Sail Ho! on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are great ways to help out, and if you share what you find that’s even better.

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