Unseasonably stormy weather meant Amneris spent almost a week in Exmouth after being towed in by the RNLI. Aleksandra had to return home, but Anthony decided to stay on a little and try to get the boat a little closer to Falmouth.

torquay to dartmouth

12 August 2019

16:30 Not fancying the idea of navigating out of Exmouth in the dark on the morning tide, I decided to take the afternoon option of a very narrow weather window. Safely out of this notorious channel under engine, heading for Torquay.

17:00 Engine off, genoa out.

18:30 Passing Teignmouth. This is my first time totally alone on a sailboat, and the location brings to mind Donald Crowhurst.

20:00 In Torbay after a bit of a bumpy ride. Nav lights have fallen off the bow so I’m heading for the harbour with a torch to declare my presence. Certainly not ideal,

21:30 Tied up on the harbour pontoon. Already the wind is picking up again for the next big storm.

20 August 2019

12:00 Okay, so that was more or less a week stormbound in Exmouth, and another one in Torquay. It’s going to take until Christmas to get to Falmouth at this rate. Next stop, Dartmouth – in the company of two buddy boats: September Sky and Serena.

12:15 Out in Torbay in beautiful weather. Engine off, and under sail.

14:00 Just rounded Berry Head, and the wind has picked up – though it’s only gusting 25 max. Amneris is loving this, doing 6 knots over the ground with only the genoa up, and I’m thankful that she’s happy to hold her course without autopilot while I go below to put the kettle on and do the log.

15:30 Sea slightly confused at this end of Start Bay, so engine required again to ease the entry to the Dart. Tied up alongside, and this is where Amneris will stay for a while as the weather is predicted to go from the storms of late to absolute calm, with no chance of sailing more this week. I’m heading back to Kraków, and will return with Aleksandra in September to take Amneris the last 80 miles or so home.


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