Christian sailors in Scotland are taking an evangelical message to the sea, with a voyage from Glasgow to Southampton this summer.

christian sailors

Russ Fairman, a cruising instructor and member of the Catholic Celebrate Charismatic Renewal group, is using his boat Mintaka for the journey. The crew will take part in prayer, praise and worship en route, while Mintaka carries the painted message “What if it’s true?”

Having started out in May, Mintaka’s route will take her to Liverpool, Wales, Bristol, and round the south-west coast of England. Russ expects to dock in Southampton on July 13. The voyage has seen volunteer crew join Mintaka, three at a time, for different legs of the journey. Overall, around 100 people are expected to have taken part by the time Mintaka reaches journey’s end.

Russ explained that he originally intended to put a ring of prayer around Scotland, but that his trip had extended to cover the UK.

He added: “It was in my mind that Christian events can quite often be gathered in a church hall and praising god, and that can be great, but there can be more creative outreach and that’s what this was all about”.

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