The “invisible” superyacht with a GBP 200 million price tag

It’s got 43 berths, six decks, a cruising speed of 19 knots, and a price tag of GBP 200 million. But the 106-metre Mirage has one very special characteristic too – its designers claim it can practically turn “invisible”.

mirage invisible yacht

Italian boatbuilders Fincantieri went into partnership with Dutch Van Geest Designs to dream up the yacht, taking a year to find the right design and materials. They will use highly reflective glass to coat the entire hull, so the yacht appears to disappear “between sky and sea” from as little as 50 metres away.

The Mirage, of course, comes with everything else you’d expect from a superyacht: its own theatre, cinema, helipad and spa, as well as an astronomical price tag.

But if you’re hoping to snap one up, you will probably have to wait a while. Although the design stage for the Mirage is complete, its creators say it could take another three years before a model is built and ready for the market.

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