About Sailho.blog

There was a moment, on a small, privately operated and probably not entirely legal ferry from the Greek island of Corfu to Saranda in Albania that we simultaneously decided “we want to do more boats”.

anthony aleksandra sailho

A couple of months later we were in Gdynia in the north of Poland, obtaining our powerboat skipper licences. Then it was off to Gibraltar for Day Skipper courses, experience on the Med, and finally back to Gdynia for the Polish Sternik Morski exams (the equivalent of the UK Yachtmaster certificate).

We’re lucky that, as a Polish-English couple, we had access to the best training that both the British and Polish sailing organisations (the RYA and the PZŻ) had to offer.

And of course, once you’ve learned to sail you need a boat of some kind – which led us to Amneris, our 25.5-foot sailboat currently lying in the south of England.

Sailho.blog is very young right now (unlike its authors), but we’re adding content about sailing, news, the environment, blogs, books and more whenever we can. And, once winter has passed and the new season gets underway, there will be a lot more on here about our adventures with Amneris.

We’d love you to stay with us for the journey.


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