We’ve got the weekend to settle in before the really hard work starts with sailing school Junga on Monday, so we’re delighted to join former Polish sailing champion Paweł Gostkowski for a Saturday afternoon/evening motor sail to Sopot and back.

gdynia course

July 7 to July 14 2018

When Monday comes around, though, we learn what an intensive sailing course is really about. The days are split alternately into three hours practice on the bay, three hours theory, then three more hours on the water, and three hours theory, three hours on the water, and three more hours theory. Somehow we are also expected to fit in a night sail calling at Sopot and Gdańsk, and a radio operator course.


By the end of the week we’re barely conscious enough to take the practical and theory exams, but take them we do and we head back to Kraków with certificates of competence – declaring to the world that we are now officially able to skipper any yacht up to 18 metres, in any waters, at any time of day or night.


See Aleksandra’s films about our training here:

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