We both like being on the water, but reckon we’re too old to get into sailing, and the whole mess of ropes and sails looked far too complicated for us anyway. So, we’re in Gdynia, northern Poland, in the middle of October, to train with Easyboat for our powerboat certificates of competence instead.


October 10 2017
First, theory. Rules of the road, chartwork, pilotage, first aid, weather, basic boat maintenance and safety… for Aleksandra it’s a doddle; should be for me, too – except it’s all in Polish and that’s still very much a second language in my head.

The practical side speaks the international language of seamanship. Move boat through water, keep water predominantly outside boat, keep cockpit pointed up and hull pointed down. We take a short trip out acoss the bay to learn how to handle the boat and recognise buoys and cardinal marks (and fishing lines), then it’s back to the marina for mooring lessons.

This is an intensive one-day course, so there’s only time for a short lunch before it’s back to the classroom for theory revision, then onto the boat again for the practical exam.
The 12-hour day ends with a theory paper, which Aleksandra flies through and I just about manage to decipher. The only question that stumps us both – what’s the deepest lake in Poland? A bit of a wild card and definitely not in the training. Yet we pass, and are awarded Sternik Motorowodny certificates.

As it turns out, powerboats act something like a gateway drug; we’ve both decided we do want to try the sailing thing after all, so this definitely just the first step…

See Aleksandra’s films of the beginning of our adventures on the water here:


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